<strong>BRAZIL</strong> : Introducing international business practices     <strong>DEVELOPING A NEW GENERATION OF GLOBAL LEADERS</strong> : Rutgers–Camden professor discusses importance of experiential learning     <strong>SOUTH AFRICA</strong> : Visiting businesses and government institutions     <strong>CUBA</strong> : Exploring social and cultural landmarks     <strong>HUNGARY</strong> : Partnering with esteemed European medical school  

Rutgers–Camden strives to give its students experiences well beyond the classroom. Students are encouraged to explore international research and study abroad opportunities. Rutgers–Camden also welcomes students from all over the world to our own campus community, as students from 25 different countries are currently enrolled at Rutgers–Camden.
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Rutgers–Camden has a global reach. Our faculty members represent countries such as Brazil, Korea, India, Russia, and the Ukraine. Every year, we host a number of visiting scholars from around the world. Our faculty members also participate in study abroad programs, faculty exchanges, and conduct research projects abroad.